DigiMax Enters Collaboration Agreement with Singapore-Based Bitget Exchange


DigiMax Global Inc(CNSX: DIGI) (OTCMKTS: DBKSF)a company that provides artificial intelligence (“AI”) and cryptocurrency technology solutions, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Bitget Exchange based in Singapore (“Bitget”).

Established in July 2018, Bitget has become the fastest growing derivatives exchange in the world, with over 1.6 million registered users. According to CoinMarketCap, a world-renowned website for cryptocurrency markets, the average daily trading volume of Bitget has exceeded US$5 billion, ranking seventh after professional derivatives exchanges (FTX and Bybit), and the top three traditional comprehensive cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, OKEx and Huobi.

With its innovative products and an increasingly robust ecosystem, Bitget has gained a sound footing amid ferocious and homogeneous competition in just three years. Following the launch of USDT-Margined Futures, One-Click Copy Trade and Quanto Swap Futures, the platform announced this April its full acquisition of decentralized wallet Bitkeep to lay a solid foundation for its future development in this segment.

The Collaboration Agreement will provide DigiMax and Bitget opportunities to collaborate on mutually beneficial business arrangements, including without limitation allowing Bitget users to first learn about CryptoHawk, and ultimately directly access CryptoHawk information inside the Bitget system. The companies further intend to develop an API system that would allow Bitget users to access CryptoHawk signals and permit direct one-button trading by Bitget users based on new CryptoHawk indicators being issued.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with DigiMax to allow our exchange users to have better trading information which in turn, will allow them to substantially increase their trading profits from the AI-based trading signals provided CryptoHawk,” said the CEO of Bitget. “In turn, we are excited to be able to offer CryptoHawk subscribers a high-security, low-cost platform for long and short trading in their personal or institutional accounts.”

By becoming a collaboration partner with Bitget, CryptoHawk users will have a great opportunity not only to increase the efficiency and security of their trading, but in the near future they will also have access to automated trading from the CryptoHawk signals. We are excited to partner with Bitget to deliver ever increasing value to both of our sets of users now, and in the future.

DigiMax CEO Chris Carl

CryptoHawk is an AI-driven, price trend prediction tool that can be used by any investor to maximize their digital trading profits. It continues to deliver hourly price-trend prediction indicators to help subscribers interested in trading Bitcoin or Ethereum, and now provides overall trend guidance for a broader portfolio of crypto currencies. The CryptoHawk tool is unique as it uses AI and machine learning to capture profit from the volatility of crypto currencies, rather than incur the risk of buy-and-hold investments. As previously announced by the Company, the combined June-July 2021 period saw CryptoHawk trading signals generating returns of +44.9% for Bitcoin and +22.1% for Ethereum before trading commissions. During that same period Bitcoin had a net change of +5.1% while Ethereum dropped -3.6% during the period.

DigiMax also announces that it has issued each of its four Directors an Option for 250,000 shares at $0.20 cents per share with a Term of two years effective as of today’s date.

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