Digimax Global Launches Cryptohawk.Ai – An Artificial Intelligence Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Trend Prediction Solution

Replacing CryptoDivine.ai, with a more modern interface, updated algorithm and improved charting to provide crypto investors with valuable tools to profitably capture high crypto volatility!

DigiMax Global Inc. (CNSX: DIGI) (OTCMKTS: DBKSF), a company that provides artificial intelligence (“AI”) and cryptocurrency technology solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of CryptoHawk.ai.

Created and rigorously tested by DigiMax data scientists, in cohort with expert traders, CryptoHawk.ai allows its users to harness the power of AI and machine learning for improved investment returns in cryptocurrencies. Utilizing the software’s AI based predictions, investors can reduce risk, remove stress and save time all while taking advantage of volatility when investing in Bitcoin (“BTC”) and Ethereum (“ETH”). 

CryptoDivine.ai evolution to CryptoHawk.ai

The Company’s soft launch of the AI prediction model earlier this year allowed the engineering team to yield real life feedback from users and refine the machine learning models over a three-month period. During this time the Company’s marketing team worked towards building a modern brand that highlights the products intuitive decision making, boldness and innovation. Subscribers to the standard version will keep the same low price as its predecessor, CryptoDivine, of $29.99 for the CryptoHawk.ai version with an option to upgrade to the advanced version for $99.99 per month. For a limited time, both versions are available on an annual basis with four free months in the first year.

Product Features 

The standard version of CryptoHawk.ai features BTC & ETH prediction charts, cards, email/text message alerts and one-button link to exchanges for fast execution.

The advanced version adds trading tools that include technical market indicators, customizable primary and secondary threshold alerts, an exclusive Investor Forum, and a weekly trend-watch newsletter.  In the near future, one-minute interval real time charts, general trend indicators for a larger basket of currencies, and an alt-coin insights tool that highlights new, potentially fast-moving, coins that have met minimum investment attributes, will all be added. The advanced version will also host an exclusive investor group led by DigiMax Hedge Fund cryptocurrency analysts.

Watch this platform overview video to learn more about the solution. 

“The comprehensive suite of tools and learning-AI is shaping CryptoHawk.ai in to a must have tool that can allow investors to profitably capture volatility instead of being fearful of such volatility.” said Damon Stone, ex-Merrill Lynch professional trader and SME supporting cognitive modeling and training of the CryptoHawk.ai. 

V2 Cryptohawk.ai Model 

CryptoHawk.ai is different from any other AI prediction system on the market due to its sophisticated deep learning machine learning engine. Our AI model is comparable to the ones used in extremely profitable ‘high frequency trading’ strategies that hedge funds’ utilize to gain a competitive advantage. Cryptohawk uses market-leading data collection and handling processes across the Big Data 4V principles:  

  1. Volume: massive amounts of data; 
  2. Variety: numerous relevant sources of data; 
  3. Velocity: high speed of processing; and
  4. Veracity: removal of bias, noise and outliers.

CryptoHawk.ai synthesizes, evaluates and organizes data to discover new patterns, anomalies, relationships and real-time trends that are delivered to investors’ phones. To further assist investors, CyrptoHawk has been modulated with a new threshold logic to send alerts for meaningful price swings in order to ensure that users do not get overwhelmed by alerts and exchange fees during times of extremely high volatility.

Our complex AI engine has been drastically improved for CryptoHawk compared to CryptoDivine. Upon rigorous back testing of our modulated CryptoHawk model to the launch date of February 24, 2021, we demonstrated that CryptoHawk reduced the number of alert notifications by almost half compared to CryptoDivine, while increasing the rate of return over and above the buy-and-hold strategy by 225% for BTC and 138% for ETH.  For reference, the buy-and-hold rates of return during this period were -21.82% for BTC and 68.36% for ETH.  While past performance cannot be a guarantee for future performance, if these results continue, investors can expect to see similar or better returns with many fewer alerts. Reducing the number of alerts while improving the performance at the same time  is very significant when one factors in the transactional costs of trading, and we are very excited that CryptoHawk is poised to perform substantially better than our already successful CryptoDivine.

Digimax’s Chief Technical Officer Thierry Hubert

About DigiMax 

DigiMax is a technology company committed to unlocking the potential of disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions across various verticals. DigiMax is an official IBM Watson partner, and the Company’s engineering team has extensive experience in Machine Learning, Neural Language Processing, AI, Big Data and Cryptocurrency technology. 

To learn more, visit our website: https://digimaxglobal.com/

About CryptoHawk.ai

CryptoHawk is an artificial intelligence platform that can help investors gain a competitive advantage when trading BTC and ETH. Cryptohawk’s proprietary deep learning AI analyzes millions of data points per hour to spot relevant patterns, make decisions and generate accurate price trend predictions. CryptoHawk allows investors  to simplify their decision making, reduce risk, exploit market volatility and improve investing performance. 

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