DigiMax Global Solutions Provides 2021 Q2 Corporate Review and Q3 Outlook

DigiMax Global Inc. (CNSX: DIGI) (OTCMKTS: DBKSF), a Company that provides artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency technology solutions to individuals and SME’s, is pleased to provide a corporate review for Q2 and an outlook for the Company in Q3.

Q2 Review

Despite a substantial erosion in share prices for all developing companies involved in the crypto industry, DigiMax has emerged from Q2 of 2021 stronger than ever and is now gaining solid traction in all of the projects it has entered into. The primary objective of the Company from here forward is to grow revenue and EBITDA and the Company is progressing on plan to make this happen.

In its first month of Operation, the new CryptoHawk produced significant gains for subscribers using the product’s Price Trend Indicators. For those trading long and short, CryptoHawk produced a 25.9% gain before transaction costs for BTC, against a 7% price drop loss over the month for BTC; and a 13.2% gain before transaction costs for ETH against a 15% loss in market price of ETH for the month.

At the end of Q1, the Company provided its outlook for Q2 and we are pleased to report we have made substantial progress on almost all milestones, and it has achieved additional ones.

Q2 Outlook announced April 5, 2021

The Company is starting the second quarter having internally advanced several of its new initiatives that should start to be completed in the near future. Shareholders can expect to see several milestones achieved in the coming quarter including:

  • Substantially increased subscriber numbers for CryptoDivine – with the introduction of the new product CryptoHawk, marketing efforts were deferred until after the launch and this goal was pushed to after the launch – numbers are now steadily increasing
  • Several new valuable functions being added to CryptoDivine – the new product CryptoHawk has many enhancements over the original CryptoDivine including improved predictive capabilities, reduced numbers of alerts being sent, better graphics and better historical tracking. The Advanced system allows much more useful trading tolls and tips for active and experienced traders.
  • Additional customer and partner relationships for PPI – PPI is undergoing trials by several police forces in Canada and the US and is now being reviewed by a growing number of large corporate enterprises as well
  • One or more new accretive business ventures or acquisitions – DigiMax acquired a 15% interest in Kirobo and acquired the crypto currency artificial intelligence technology from Delphi technologies
  • One or more additional Directors – Michael Kron, a Chartered Public Accountant in Canada with a great deal of crypto experience, was appointed as Chair of the audit committee

Details regarding a new SaaS platform offering to commence in Q3 – this is under development and will be announced soon

Additional Milestones not listed in the April 2021 Outlook include:

  • Announcement of the formation of a Cayman based Crypto Hedge Fund
  • Launch of a completely new brand, CryptoHawk to replace the original CryptoDivine product

Q3 Outlook

DigiMax starts Q3 concentrating almost entirely on growing revenues in each of its business segments including CryptoHawk, PPI, and Navee Predict (https://datanavee.com/business-1/). Two new revenue sources are expected to be added before the end of the quarter including the commencement of the Crypto Fund and the announcement of a new, non-crypto investor prediction product that utilizes similar AI technology to predict price movements. The milestones expected to be accomplished include:

  • Announcement of new collaboration partners for CryptoHawk
  • Addition of Price Trend Outlook for several additional crypto currencies available through the advanced subscription of CryptoHawk
  • Addition of Alt-Coin Radar which highlights new crypto coins not already in the top 100 coins by market cap that have the potential to produce above average returns, also made available through the advanced subscription of CryptoHawk
  • Commencement of trading of Cayman Crypto Fund
  • Introduction of a new Artificial Intelligence based subscription service outside of crypto currencies for both retail and institutional investors

Kirobo Update

Kirobo continues to grow at a rapid pace with its Kirobo Undo product having recently surpassed US$1 billion of transactions having been made by third parties. The Undo feature allows anyone who needs to transfer any type of crypto currency to recall a transaction that is made in error, and to require passwords from the recipients before the recipient can collect the transfer. This feature adds incredible security in the Decentralized Finance world that has seen a pause in overall market adoption specifically due to the risk of transfers being made in error. Kirobo completely eliminates this problem.

DigiMax acquired 15% ownership of Kirobo in early May 2021 at a market cap for Kirobo of US$27 million. DigiMax elected to not exercise an option to acquire an additional 15% in exchange for DigiMax shares as it was decided it would be too dilutive to existing DigiMax shareholders.

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