DigiMax Updates Successful CryptoDivine.ai Progress

 DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc. o/a DIGIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (CSE:DIGI) is pleased to report its Crypto Price Trend Indicator App is performing well and ahead of expectation on most metrics.


  • Soft Launch continues through March 15
  • Allows for user trials, bug-fixes, and upgrades to the system
  • Hard Launch to occur the week of March 15 – Market Target is novice crypto users
  • Application Improvements to continue through May 31
  • Final Product offering June 1 with ongoing improvements thereafter
  • EMD divestiture will clear path for new partnerships in the crypto industry

A “soft launch” of CryptoDivine.ai was commenced on February 24, 2021, consisting of only of a press release stating that the App was now available for public use on a free-trial use. This soft launch was planned to last approximately 2 weeks with the “hard launch” planned for March 15, when a global marketing campaign would commence.

The company had three objectives to achieve during the soft launch: allow new users to trial the system and obtain as much feedback from them as possible; find and fix as many bugs in the system as could be found; initiate planned improvements prior to the hard launch, and where possible, adopt suggestions from users.

A significant global marketing campaign will be launched the week of March 15 targeting millions of investors globally who have avoided including crypto currencies in their portfolios but who are interested in starting but are nervous to do so. CryptoDivine has been designed to help these people better understand the market and to offer insight about when the crypto prices change direction. This campaign will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Expand the current social media marketing commenced on February 22 that purposely targeted just the DigiMax name – this effort was designed to slowly penetrate the social media space and to increase each day to create awareness of the DigiMax brand and company;
  2. During the week of March 15, CryptoDivine will be introduced to “start” attracting more users – DigiMax did not want a rush of new users during the soft-launch period, instead seeking to make real-time improvements during that period;
  3. Introduce Crypto Divine through millennial-targeted investor platforms;
  4. Launch a highly targeted sales campaign aimed at first-time traders of crypto currencies on various trading platforms;
  5. Seek to announce new CryptoDivine Partnerships in coming weeks.

During the three months of March through the end of May, there are many improvements already planned to both the Machine Learning capabilities of CryptoDivine, and to the entire User experience including better and more logical graphics, better training videos, and a substantial amount of in-application tutorial offerings.

As of June 1, 2021 DigiMax is confident it will have one of the world’s most comprehensive, AI-based, crypto-price predicting resources in the world made available for novice crypto investors, and only at that time will the Company charge its full price of US$99.95 per month for the Application.


The Company has entered into discussions with third parties to potentially divest its wholly owned Exempt Market Dealer subsidiary, DigiMax Capital Corp (the “EMD”). The EMD does not contribute a material amount to the EBITDA of DigiMax, but as a registered dealer, it does prevent DigiMax from entering into partnerships or ownership of companies that manage or control crypto currencies in any manner. Accordingly, DigiMax is better able to form long term, high-value partnerships without the restrictions currently demanded by also owning a registered market dealer.

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