Guess Bitcoin’s Price, Win $1000 In Cash!

2021 proved to be a massive year for the cryptocurrency industry, with the use of blockchain-backed currency shattering all-time record highs. To celebrate this exodus from fiat currency as investors migrate to digital alternatives, The Dales Report is giving you the opportunity to predict the exact price of Bitcoin as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st for a chance to win $1000 in cash.

Entering is simple. Just click the link HERE and follow the instructions to lock in your prediction. For help, be sure to visit our Cryptocurrency page for the latest news, trends, and predictions for expert insight on the industry.


Bitcoin has shattered records this year, but the subsequent drops have made it an extremely volatile, but necessary portfolio addition for today’s modern investor. Even in its current dip, the world’s most popular crypto coin is trading up 146.5% on the year, and many feel that the ongoing economic struggles will only fuel the coin’s potential.

So don’t miss out on a chance to win $1,000 CASH by trying to predict the year-end trading price of Bitcoin. The person who most closely predicts the price at 12:00 midnight on December 31st ET will be named the winner. The official winner will be named by The Dales Report on January 5th, and we will connect with them directly to award them the grand prize.

2021 might have been a drag, but look on the bright side. You could be starting off 2022 a cool $1,000 richer. 

Auld lang syne!


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