Overwhelming Majority Believes Crypto & Blockchain Tech Is The Future Of Finance—Sygnum

Digital asset bank Sygnum recently conducted a survey to assess the impact of blockchain technology in comparison to crypto assets.

According to the results, a substantial 81% of respondents believe that crypto assets are crucial for the future of global finance​​.

This survey underscores a significant shift in perceptions toward cryptocurrencies. Historically, the banking industry has approached digital assets with skepticism — primarily due to concerns about their volatility, regulatory ambiguity and the threat they pose to traditional finance.

The survey also notes a nuanced preference for blockchain technology. See below.

Comparative Analysis: Blockchain Vs. Crypto Assets

About 90% of respondents acknowledged the crucial role of blockchain tech over crypto assets (81%).

This preference underscores the industry’s recognition of blockchain’s operational efficiencies and cost-saving benefits, particularly in the context of tokenized financial instruments and automated trading systems.

It reflects a growing interest in blockchain’s potential to revolutionize traditional financial processes, while still affirming the significant role that crypto assets play in this transformation.

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The Sygnum survey’s findings also signal a departure from traditional financial mechanisms toward more decentralized, blockchain-based alternatives.

These alternatives are touted for their enhanced transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, potentially leading to a more inclusive and resilient financial system.

Whether investor sentiment toward cryptocurrencies turns positive, in line with the survey’s consensus, remains to be seen.

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