Wall Street Bulls NFT Collection Sells Out In Half An Hour

The popularity of NFTs continues to soar as evidenced by the rapid sale of Wall Street Bulls NFTs.  A collection of 10,000 such NFTs sold in a mere 32 minutes.  Though there is certainly risk in purchasing NFTs, it appears as though the interest in NFTs isn’t waning in the slightest.  

Details Of The NFT Collection

The Wall Street Bulls NFT collection launched this past October.  The collection served as a way for investors to enhance their membership within the trading community.  The creators of the collection originally targeted retail traders, meaning everyday people, such as those who swooped in to purchase GameStop tock before it skyrocketed.  The new NFT collection included 1,000 colorful bulls atop rocket ships.  It took less than 10 minutes for half the collection to sell.  About 20 minutes later, each NFT had sold.

The popular Wall Street Memes Instagram account’s founders snagged a cool $2.5 million from the first sale of the NFTs.  Those sales don’t end the money train.  The four founders of the account will continue to receive royalties from NFT buyers as the bulls are traded across posterity.  Individuals interested in NFTs will be intrigued by the fact that the lowest price for one of the NFTs was .2 ether, equating to slightly more than $630.  The sales figures were reported by the NFT trading platform OpenSea.

NFTs are idiosyncratic digital creations stored within the Ethereum blockchain.  The Wall Street Bulls digital artforms are a colorful take on the iconic bull statue at Wall Street.  The theme of the NFTs is to represent the public’s bullish optimism for the stock market.  It is interesting to note that “Boris”, the cofounder of the Wall Street Memes page, commented “We’re just bulls,” and refused to reveal his identity.  

The Wall Street Bulls NFTs are an opportunity for stock traders to become official members of the retail investor community.  Those who own the NFTs have easy access to social get-togethers including parties and formal meetings.  Individuals who purchase several bulls will win a no-cost NFT set to debut as a component of a Wall Street intern new collection.  However, those behind the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection will segue outside of NFTs and embrace even more risk with a gamification feature that empowers bull owners to roll the dice on heightening the value of their NFT all the more.  

If the feature is purchased, a random generator will ramp up the value of the collectible to spectacular heights or boost its rarity with the addition of new features.  Boris states the new gamification component is analogous to trading stock market options.  It is possible this approach will move the NFTs’ value down to nothing or there might be a 100x option.

Will Redditors Send The Value Of Wall Street Bulls NFTs Even Higher?

Boris believes his NFT collection is the next evolutionary step of retail trading.  He highlights the fact that millions of investors grouped with one another on the popular internet message board Reddit in the winter of ’21 to catalyze gains in meme stocks.  The hope is that these same retail investors display ongoing enthusiasm for Wall Street Bulls NFTs, helping those digital pieces of art skyrocket to become some of the most valuable NFTs on the market.

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