WonderFi Reports over 600,000 Users Across Ecosystem

WonderFi Technologies Inc.(NEO: WNDR) (OTCMKTS: WONDF) is pleased to report an update on the rapid growth of collective users within the WonderFi ecosystem, with a total of over 600,000 users upon the closing of the Bitbuy and Sun Machine acquisitions.

Closing of the Bitbuy acquisition, expected in Q1 2022, brings an additional 389,000 registered users to the ecosystem. Bitbuy recorded a 58% increase in new user registrations in Q4 2021 compared to Q3 2021.

The WonderFi app successfully launched on January 25th, 2022, and has since recorded over 25,600 unique visits, and the average number of daily sign ups has continued to grow since the initial launch, with a 255% week over week increase in the final week of February.

The launch of WonderFi Interactive alongside the Go Big! Game franchise brings over 200,000 users on iOS and Android. NFT support features will be added to the WonderFi app in 2022 to create a bridge between gaming and crypto users upon the closing of the acquisition of Sun Machine.

With an estimated average lifetime value of $800 for each user of centralized crypto trading platforms like Bitbuy, it is expected that through the inclusion of other WonderFi products such as DeFi and play to earn gaming, that a typical WonderFi ecosystem user will be worth more in the future with the integration of these additional products and solutions.

Within a very short timeframe we have achieved over half a million users and have continued to focus on offering a diverse set of high quality products to those users. The strong synergies between CeFi, DeFi, gaming and NFTs provide us with a tremendous opportunity to continue to grow our user base, increase the value of each user which increases the value of the WonderFi ecosystem.

Ben Samaroo, Chief Executive Officer of WonderFi

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