Chris Carl On The Rollout of CryptoHawk.ai – Digimax’s NextGen Predictive Crypto App

Digimax Global Inc. (CNSX:DIGI) (OTCMKTS:DBKSF) previously signaled that a new predictive crypto application would be available to consumers at the end of May. On Tuesday, the company unveiled the official launch of CryptoHawk.ai, DigiMax’s powerful second generation crypto tool. For this momentous occasion, We interviewed Digimax CEO Chris Carl to help us understand what this means for current and future subscribers.

The successor to CryptoDivine has enhanced predictive capability above & beyond the original software. The application layers additional data sets and buffers more price signals to arrive at actionable signals. And according to today’s press release, rigorous backtesting of CryptoHawk.ai since February 24, 2021 lead to an increased rate of return over and above the buy-and-hold strategy by 225% for Bitcoin (BTC) and 138% for Ethereum (ETH). For reference, the buy-and-hold rates of return during this period were -21.82% for BTC and 68.36% for ETH.

In terms of functionality, CryptoHawk.ai is also more robust than its successor. Trading features such as technical market indicators, customized main and secondary threshold alerts, an exclusive Investor Forum, and a monthly trend-watch newsletter are included in the advanced edition. The amount of trading signals issued in the backtest was about half of that of CryptoDivine, leading to more streamlined calls to action.

As Chris Carl explains, the aggregate improvements across the board should allow CryptoHawk.ai to capture a greater percentage of volatility swing inherent in the crypto complex:

What we’ve ultimately been doing is what we’re calling ‘modulating’ the amount of signals that we’re offering out, while at the same time, you know, sort of re-jigging the AI in a way that we can capture more of the volatility. So that on a big swing up, hopefully we can capture a greater percentage of it. On the big swings down, we can capture a greater percentage of it. So, it is definitely a highly improved AI, different algorithms—different layers of it, and that’s why I think it deserves its own brand name.

Click on the embedded link for more of our newest interview with DigiMax Global Solutions CEO Chris Carl, in his own words.

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