Digimax CEO Chris Carl Talks about CryptoHawk Launch and Trading in Volatility

At the start of June, Digimax Global Inc (CNSX:DIGI) (OTCMKTS:DBKSF) announced the launch of their second gen crypto tool, CryptoHawk.ai. CryptoHawk had an extremely very successful first month, as just reported this past week. CEO Chris Carl joins us to discuss the CryptoHawk results, the fund, and other updates from Digimax including Kirobo and AI assets that may benefit the company in the near future.

Here’s some highlights from the interview.

CryptoDivine was great, but CryptoHawk is better says Carl

Investors who may have looked at Digimax before may be more familiar with it’s first generation AI tool, CryptoDivine. Both CryptoDivine and the new CryptoHawk software use data sets and price as part of its predictive capability to generate actionable signals for investors. What this means is that instead of committing to traditional buy-and-hold strategies, the predictive AI’s intent is to allow users to profit from a greater portion of the volatility in the crypto market itself.

CryptoDivine was a great product, Carl says, and had told users that Digimax would be improving on it. He feels that CryptoHawk is more than a simple update, it reduces the number of indicator calls and aggregates more data, and does a better job of it.

Carl confident that CryptoHawk will garner 10,000 subscribers by year end

Carl says that CryptoHawk .ai’s first month of results speak for themselves, and marketing initiatives have already begun on a globalized scale. He admits that it takes “a few weeks to kick in,” but he says the company is already seeing tremendous increases in number of followers and people doing trials.

There’s also a number of people who jump from the lowest level of the subscription now to a more advanced level, which offers more trading features. Not only is this increased revenue for the company, Carl believes this is a good indicator of demand that will be generated.

Crypto “here to stay”

Carl likens the cryptocurrency trend to that of the dotcom boom. No one may be certain what the end result will look like yet, but everyone is sure it’s here to stay and will make a mark on the landscape.

The audience for crypto, he acknowledges, is still largely under 40, but funds could help get more passive investors into the mix.

Kirobo ROI benefits possibly beginning soon; other AI assets doing well

Kirobo has performed over one billion dollars in performed transactions, Carl says, and makes a great strategic partner for Digimax. Carl believes that the company’s investment in Kirobo will pay off both in technology cross-utilization and in financial matters.

When asked about how soon Digimax might see a return investment from its stake in Kirobo, Carl says that benefits should begin accruing in the balance sheet as early as next quarter.

There are a number of other organizations using Digimax’s AI, Carl says, and appear to be doing fine. But they won’t generate announcements the way AI software as CryptoHawk will. But CryptoHawk -modeled AI software may have some applications outside of crypto, Carl says, and the company is looking forward to being able to announce that.

Fund has potential to be a multi-billion dollar one

Regarding the anticipated crypto-based fund, Carl says that he doesn’t anticipate Digimax raising a lot of funds prior to it being registered and open to do so.

But there’s interest. Carl says that they’re talking with two groups of people, those who manage vast amounts of money themselves who want a position in crypto, and intermediaries. The talks with both are productive, but Carl acknowledges that they won’t put a full position in on day one.

Carl says he looks forward to seeing a large number of investors with small positions who want to increase the size of that position over time, and that’s how he believes the fund will grow.

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