Creso Pharma’s Bruce Linton Predicts “Top Two Performers in 2022”: Cannabis Investing

Followers of The Dales Report are likely familiar with Bruce Linton, a successful entrepreneur and one of the world’s most respected cannabis executives. Linton has served in the front offices of numerous cannabis companies, and his tenure in the space has made him one of the most highly sought strategic advisors in the cannabis space today.

Linton joins The Dales Report once again as a representative of Creso Pharma Ltd. (ASX: CPH), a company where he currently serves as a strategic advisor. Creso Pharma is a global pharmaceutical company boasting an extensive portfolio of psychedelic and cannabis-derived therapeutic and lifestyle health and wellness products.

Cannabis investors took a hit earlier this month when an ASIC probe saw Cresco Pharma chairman Adam Blumenthal step aside. The ASIC investigation was initiated due to concerns of “suspected contraventions,” and while this news saw share prices dip in response, Linton makes it clear that Creso Pharma is still poised for a solid run.

Linton argues that the company is in the prime position for further M&A opportunities, and with Covid continuing to plague global markets, merger and acquisition costs have become relatively cheaper.

Recently, Linton had brought over Will Lay from Canopy Growth to serve as Creso’s executive VP of North America. Linton and Lay worked together extensively at Canopy, and Bruce states that Lay served as his right-hand man when it came to M&A moves in the past, and compliments Will’s extensive knowledge and know-how in the space.

“Him coming in means they have great, great brain ethics on the team.”

Linton further elaborated on the importance of mergers and acquisitions and their overly importance in the future trajectory. As Linton sees it, these high-profile pickups will spur high volume trading and help revitalize the stock.

“So there are pieces to put together that will give you access into America, if you want to diversify across CBD offerings, if you want to get a sales channel to bring your Swiss products through, there’s all kinds of things to eat to buy.”

“And so I think they have to get trading volume up, buy some things. And then ultimately, when you get a little momentum, what did I do every time when people say your value is increasing, you sell a bit of stock to make the cash a little richer, and keep going faster than anybody else.”

Linton has his hands in numerous projects, but the investor and businessman feels that these moves could see Creso hold the most upside.

“When I look at the portfolio of companies I’m involved with in 2022, I think this could be one of the top two performers in 2022. But will the crew pull the trigger to make it happen, because they actually have content and they have good traction in the small things they’re doing. They just need to get bigger and wider.”

Dales and Linton go on to discuss updated sales numbers, international regulations, and industry outlook for the cannabis sector.

Cannabis investors will undoubtedly walk away more informed and confident with their financial decisions after having listened to one of the most respected voices in the space breakdown the brand he feels offers the most upside for investors in 2022.

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