Daniel Cohen, Pharmadrug CEO, Weighs in With Updates on Cepharanthine

We talked last month with Daniel Cohen, the CEO of PharmaDrug (CNSX: BUZZ) (OTCMKTS: LMLLF), and we heard a great deal of exciting news about the company’s formulation of Cepharanthine and their work with DMT. Work continues apace at PharmaDrug, and Cohen is back to give some updates, particularly about Cepharanthine, that investors can start getting excited for.

Here’s some updates from the interview:

Partnership with DMT delivery tech developer in the works

For investors unfamiliar with PharmaDrug, the company announced FDA Orphan Drug Designation of DMT for the prevention of IRI back in April.

PharmaDrug, Cohen says, is not focused on using psychedelics for neuropsychiatric indications as most other companies. PharmaDrug is exploring DMT’s potential as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative agent, particularly in the organ transplant setting, to help reduce rejection. DMT is a molecule produced by the human body and in many other things in nature. It’s a real substance, Cohen says, and it’s not just administered externally.

What investors should be excited for, however, is that Cohen says PharmaDrug is in the final stages of creating a partnership with a company who can develop the technology to deliver DMT. This would be a patentable process for PharmaDrug, and Cohen says to expect an announcement in the next couple of weeks.

Cepharanthine showing promise for PharmaDrug as an antiviral

Novel treatments for COVID are a hot topic, particularly as variants begin to infect people in countries with high vaccine rates. Vaccines are extremely important, Cohen says, and he believes people should be taking them. But they’re not enough.

Cohen points out that not only does the world need medicine for people already in the ICU, it would be beneficial to have medicine to take in the early stages of infection. Perhaps, he says, even as a prophylactic. The drug Cepharanthine, Cohen said in a previous interview, has been in use in Japan for over 70 years, and it’s well known to have anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

With 3.5bn being committed to COVID drug research by the Biden government, it’s worth reaching for.

PharmaDrug’s early results of using Cepharanthine as an anticancer agent are coming in

In the same interview last month, Cohen said PharmaDrug was exploring how Cepharanthine reacted with approximately 60 different kinds of cancers in phase 1 of its petri dish trials. The results are starting to come in. Cohen says that 11 of 35 different kinds of cancers are showing “significant impact” from Cepharanthine at doses that are known to be safe to people. In short, Cohen says that means that they showed results as good as or better than chemo.

25 samples remain to be processed, and PharmaDrug is already submitting provisional patents, Cohen adds. Once that work is complete, PharmaDrug will be able to come out and name the cancers and show the data.

As exciting as this is – and Cohen admits that the CSO is “extremely excited” – there’s also plans in the works for a second test to check to see if Cepharanthine has an impact on chemo resistance. This would be phase 2 of the petri dish trials.

Being able to work synergistically with traditional chemo would also be extremely positive, and Cohen says that this is the “best potential” usage of Cepharanthine.

Updates on THC oils and functional mushrooms “coming in August”

PharmaDrug leadership will be heading to the EU soon to touch base with operations overseas, working on brand and marketing approvals. Cohen says that after they return, they’ll be able to update everyone on the launch of the functional mushroom products and THC oils.

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