Drake Wins $300,000 On $1.25 Million Super Bowl Wagers

The world’s most famous rapper, Drake, made more than a quarter-million dollars wagering on the Super Bowl won by the Los Angeles Rams.  The hip-hop superstar wagered in excess of a million dollars on the big game, walking away with a cool $300,000.  Sports gambling enthusiasts will also find it quite interesting that Drake would have won more than $700,000 if Odell Beckham Jr. stayed in the game.  The eccentric wide receiver left the game after suffering a knee injury in the second quarter.

Drake’s Bitcoin Bets

Perhaps the most interesting component of Drake’s Super Bowl wagers is the fact that he bet bitcoin on the big game.  The rapper wagered $1.25 million of bitcoin on three Super Bowl props.  He won two out of the three bets.  Drake witnessed the wins while attending the big game.  The Canadian hip-hop artist revealed the wins through his Instagram account, captioning the images with the following:  “All bets are in on the family.”

Let’s take a close look at the details of Drake’s Super Bowl wagers.  Drake bet that the Los Angeles Rams would win the game, that Odell Beckham Jr. would score a touchdown and that the wide receiver would also notch in excess of 62 receiving yards.  It is also quite interesting to note that Beckham Jr mentioned Drake’s post pertaining to the wagers earlier in the week.

The rapper wagered just under $400,000 of bitcoin on Beckham Jr. to notch 62.5 receiving yards.  This wager lost.  The wager predicting Beckham Jr. would score a touchdown earned the rapper more than $400,000.  The nearly $500,000 wager on the Rams to win the Super Bowl resulted in winnings in excess of $200,000.  Though Beckham Jr. did not come through for Drake, all that matters is that the wide receiver’s contributions helped his team win the title.

On this interim of Guaranteed Money, episode 7Ryan Doyle and Anthony Varrell discuss the fact that Drake puts a bet in bitcoin, which was a right move since Super Bowl was surrounded by crypto commercials—a path that Anthony has been talking about since 2016.

For Every Winner, There Is A Loser

Though Drake won big on the Super Bowl, the house won after taking nearly $10 million in wagers from the infamous Mattress Mack McIngvale.  McIngvale has wagered millions on the top sporting events ranging from the World Series to the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals and beyond.  The mattress salesman wagered just under $10 million on the Cincinnati Bengals to emerge as the victors of the Super Bowl matchup against the Rams.  

McIngvale’s bet lost, forcing him to get back into his “big boy britches” as he describes them and return to selling mattresses and furniture.  McIngvale has had an up and down run with sports wagering.  The owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston has received worldwide attention for his massive sports wagers.  However, the losses pave the way to victories in the form of increased business at his furniture store.

McIngvale also lost a couple million when wagering on the New England Patriots to win a prior Super Bowl at long odds of 20 to 1.  Mack handed over more than $6 million to the house after wagering on Alabama to win the College Football Playoff with +130 odds.  In fact, Mack lost $700,000 on the Tennessee Titans after wagering on the squad to win the championship with futures odds of +850.

McIngvale’s Wager Was The Largest Ever

The mattress salesman was forced to drive across the state border of Texas to place his wager in a state where mobile sports gambling is legal.  McIngvale placed the $5 million wager through the Caesars Sportsbook mobile app with +170 odds.  The bet was placed with Caesars Sportsbook in neighboring Louisiana.  

If the wager hit, it would have resulted in a whopping $9.5 million win.  According to Caesars Sportsbook representatives, the $5 million wager on the Bengals is the largest wager the book has taken, slightly exceeding the $4.9 million wager on the St. Louis Rams to win Super Bowl XXXVI over the Tom Brady-led new England Patriots.

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