Grammy Award Winner Andreas Neumann Helping To Shape Jushi’s Brand Vision – Part 1, 2 And 3

In our first exclusive interview with Jushi Holdings Inc. (CNSX:JUSH) (OTCMKTS:JUSHF) Chief Creative Director Andreas Neumann, he talked about the strategies and mindset that goes into creating brands unique brands. In part two of the interview, Andreas details how his experience in the entertainment industry is helping to shape Jushi’s brand vision going forward.

Andreas brings over three decades of advertising, entertainment, and technology experience to his role as Chief Creative Director. Before coming onboard, he served as Creative Director and Head of Content for Idean—a leading global design agency—and became instrumental in building out Idean’s US footprint with key clients such as IBMHPRolls Royce and Ericsson. Mr. Neumann is also acclaimed for his photography and has worked with entertainment giants such as Pelé, Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Foo Fighters, ZZ Top, and Lenny Kravitz.

Beyond the CV, Andreas is an acknowledged elite in his chosen vocation as photographer and filmmaker. In 2020, Andreas Neumann received a Grammy award, recognizing his participation as a photographer on Desert Sessions Volume 11 & 12 for best recording package.

In this particular segment of the interview, Andreas talks about his past experience with A-list Hollywood celebrities in a brand building context:

Shadd Dales: When we look at the Top 25 brands in America, the list is filled with celebrity brands such as Marley Naturals, Willie’s Reserve, Leafs By Snoop and more. Different strategies and methods can be used to create a popular brand. So saying all this, when the timing is right—and I talk about your background and the people you’ve associated yourself with—is Jushi going to go the celebrity route, and, is it a proven way to, I guess, build brand equity?

Andreas Neumann: Love that question because obviously, I have done this before, I have worked in the—specifically, I just take one industry I’ve been focusing on is the fragrance industry. So, I’ve been working with Proctor & Gamble and with, like, big big fragrance chain companies with celebrity advertising. We did like fragrances for Naomi Campbell to Sean Connery to, like, Priscilla Presley, and like, for years. And, so, it’s selling an emotion. So why you use celebrities—they’re selling an emotion. It’s nothing you can grab—so it’s a little bit similar to weed actually.

Clearly, Andreas Neumann brings a Rolodex of celebrity contacts to the table that Jushi could use to its advantage should it decide to go the celebrity route to brand building. Certainly a possibility in the future if the marketing rules surrounding cannabis marketing normalize in due course.

Click on the embedded link for Part 3 of our interview with Jushi Holdings Chief Creative Director Andreas Neumann.



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