June 1st a Critical Day: DigiMax CEO Chris Carl on CryptoDivine App

CEO Chris Carl of DigiMax Global Inc (CNSX:DIGI) (OTCMKTS:DBKSF) – formerly known to investors as DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc – promised exciting news in the not-too-distant future when we last interviewed him in late March. It seems like some of those big announcements have finally landed and there are more on the way. Chris Carl is back with us again today to talk about some of the developments regarding Kirobo and the CryptoDivine application.

Here’s some of the highlights from the interview.

DigiMax is a crypto services company

Carl wants to be clear: DigiMax is what he calls a crypto services company, and they do not hold crypto themselves. Instead, what it is is a predictive analytics tool used for watching signals in the crypto space, helping people buy and sell, using the app to “capture the volatility,” as he calls it.

“…people who are with us see that there’s money to be made in both directions, and there always is in something that’s volatile,” Carl says. “Crypto is one of the most volatile things out there. And we like that. Volatility is our friend as a company. So we’re feeling pretty good even though unfortunately we’re still correlated with crypto stocks like mining stocks whose value absolutely go up and down with the price of crypto. Our value does not go up and down with the price of crypto.”

Strategic investment in Kirobo’s DeFi security products will allow DigiMax to expand subscription offer, says Carl

Currently, CryptoDivine offers a predictive trading tool on whether you should buy or sell on two different currencies. With the new investment, Carl says that “…we’re able to broaden that into two different categories – two additional categories.” Specifically, Carl says that DigiMax will be able to offer general trends on more currencies, and also an alt coin monitoring radar.

“So now if you’re going to be a subscriber,” he says, “you’re going to get trading signals on the pair that we have, and that pair is going to become more and more trading signals over the course of the year. You’re going to be able to a look at general trends so that if you want to do swing trading, you can do that. And if you want to get involved more in the highly volatile, and highly speculative alt coins, we’re going to help give you some guidance on that as well.”

Chris Carl says June 1st will be a big day for DigiMax

In June and over the next couple months, Carl says, investors will begin to see a convergence of the various things DigiMax has been working on. They will all help generate revenue in separate ways, but everything is linked and will help each other.

June 1st, Carl says, will be the launch date of the new CryptoDivine app. After that, he says, a lot of things will start to make sense.

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