Mindleap Psychedelics & Wellness App Connecting Where Other Telehealth Brands Miss The Mark

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, cellphones are no longer an accessory, but a necessity as we rely on them for just about every aspect of our lives. This “mobile-first” mentality has changed the way we communicate, plan, and even entertain ourselves.

Mydecine Innovations Group’s Mindleap wellness app looks to turn that handheld device into your own personal pocket-sized therapist wis a proprietary app that targets everything from improved sleeping habits to psychedelic exploration.

Mindleap CEO and technical director William Cook is back for the first time since his company released the 2.0 version of their app, a launch that Cook calls a “complete reskinning of the product.”

Mydecine Innovations Group (NEO: MYCO) (OTCMKTS: MYCOF) has gotten a lot of attention from psychedelic stock investors, much of which has to do with their mobile first approach to advancing the acceptance of psychedelics in the therapeutic space.

The new app furthers Mindleap’s goal of becoming a leader in the psychedelic and inner wellnes content creation space, as weel as a virtual health platform for specalist.

“In doing that, we’re now producing and licensing exclusive content from some of the top researchers in the world. So, and there’s more to come. I mean, we already have researchers from Yale M.A.P.S.(Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), which is a long standing research, organization, psychedelics, Johns Hopkins, Imperial College, and more. All have gotten onto our system and provided content, and we’re curating that. And anyway, we’re very proud of what what we’re rolling out.”

“I think what’s garnering a lot of attention right now, of course, is the specific, influential people that we have in psychedelics providing detailed information in these and we we have a section we call conversations, where all of these interviews with all these top experts are drawing people in, you know, to find out what the latest research is.”

Telehealth continues to win over those who turn to virtual services in times where face to face meetings have been somewhat restricted. The constantly changing landscape of daily life patterns throughout the current pandemic has led to increased levels of stress for most people and forced them to acknowledge the mental health blockers that exist in their lives, many of which have been magnified by the current global climate.

Virtual solutions allow people to fit therapy into their personal schedules, giving them the chance to carve out a small block of time that they can dedicate to bettering themselves. As this alternative continues to win over more skeptics, Cook believes that the public perception of apps like Mindleap will continue to gain traction.

“People are so uncomfortable with going out and, and in the mental health arena, to have the ability to reach out and connect is, is huge. So I see (the industry) growing by leaps and bounds, you know, not just the 10s of 1000s. But hundreds of thousands and millions of people moving to that and to telehealth as the way to get their get their needs met.”

While the app is clearly targeting at home users, Cook does shed some light on Mydecine’s plan to look into expand into the physical clinic space as well.

“There is an area where we have some plans to do some expansions to connect with clinics. And we’ve already had a number of folks show interest in joining our community. Because the way we the way we set up our system, our platform is has a community already. We have already more than 100 specialists that can offer sessions, right? And that’s both inner wellness or psychedelic integration sessions. Where we see that expanding is by bringing in groups of specialists, groups of clinics, probably adding into our community expanding that growing it in a huge way.”

The pair dive deeper into the app’s offerings to further highlight what makes Mindleap such a revolutionary product when it comes to the advancement of psychedelic therapeutics and virtual mental health offerings.

“Real inner wellness goes way beyond meditation and aids to go to sleep” jokes Cook, firing a subtle shot across the bow of some of the more well known relaxation apps on the market.

“It involves working on the issues and underlying wounds that affect our relationships, impact and impact our abilities to love others and ourselves in healthy ways that honor boundaries and enable real growth.”

So how does the Mindleap app accomplish this? Hit the play button and let the man driving foward Mindleap explain it to you himself.

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