Getting People to Help Changes Everything: William Cook, CEO of MindLeap

Mydecine Innovations Group (NEO: MYCO) (OTCMKTS: MYCOF) is a psychedelics company that The Dales Report has been watching closely this past year. This episode we host William Cook, Interim CEO and Technical Director of the subsidiary company, MindLeap Health.

Here’s some highlights from the interview:

MindLeap a virtual health technology platform, says Cook

For those who may have missed earlier conversations about MindLeap from the Mydecine interviews, the initial version of the MindLeap app launched last fall. MindLeap, Cook says, is intended to be a virtual health platform that connects users with mental health professionals and introduces them to the idea of psychedelic integration.

“The platform features a community of professionals, a private health journal, and a content library which includes resources like meditations and psychoeducation materials from experts in mental health,” he explains.

So far, thousands of downloads every month

Interest is high in MindLeap, and some big names are asking about the platform – although Cook couldn’t share any of those names just yet. But he did share that there are thousands of downloads of the app every month, and people are learning from it.

People are asking what psychedelics can do for their inner wellness journey, he says, and how they can do that.

Cook comes to MindLeap from military and engineering background

Cook says that Mydecine and he and his family have had a few points of connection, which is part of what brought him to the company. It may even surprise you to learn that William Cook was involved in designing the Patriot Missile system, and his military and technical career in building high end intelligence applications is key.

Cook also has a background in psychotherapy, however, and he says he has always had an interest in helping people on their journeys. His father fought in WWII and Korea, and so he has a heart for soldiers and veterans, and an interest in bringing a solution to potentially millions of vets with PTSD.

MindLeap to become a platform for everybody, not just those with PTSD or who are interested in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy

MindLeap has already begun to generate a reputation for being the leading psychedelic wellness application, and Cook acknowledges that the app was designed to “foster a conscious and trustworthy adoption of psychedelics into mental health and wellness.” But he also says that if the company focuses only on psychedelic treatment, they would miss the other 80% of the world that’s hurting and doesn’t even know they need psychedelics yet.

So MindLeap, Cook says, was designed so it reaches out to the whole population and people can “come in [to therapy] from wherever they are” whether that may be from trauma, or job loss, or even that they’re doing great and just want to have some growth.

In terms of expansion, the company hopes to aggressively expand the capabilities of the app for both clinics and users, and part of that will involve supporting Mydecine’s clinical trials for PTSD in veterans with the app.

Version 2.0 of MindLeap launches soon

Cook says that the new version of MindLeap is upgraded and reskinned and “much more beautiful.” In preparation for its release, Mydecine has filed for patents to protect the IP, which Cook says will also give some general coverage to their overall aggressive strategy.

And MindLeap, Cook hopes, will help change the world. Whether or not a person goes through psychedelic treatment and integration, if they use MindLeap, he says, they’ll be getting help already.

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