Onsite At Numinus Bioscience With Sharan Sidhu, CSO

Today on The Dales Report, part two of our visit to Nanaimo, BC. We’re talking with Sharan Sidhu, Chief Science Officer and General Manager of the lab at Numinus Bioscience. Numinus Bioscience is the research lab of Numinus Wellness Inc. (TSE:NUMI) (OTCMKTS: NUMIF), a mental healthcare company advancing innovative treatments and safe, evidence-based psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

Numinus Bioscience Focused On Natural Psychedelic Compounds And Mushrooms, Says Sidhu

Currently, the company is focused on psychedelic compounds and mushrooms, but looking forward, there are plans to expand into doing more research on what Sidhu calls other ‘psychedelic botanical materials.”

For now, the R&D is focused on mycelium and mycelium products, as well as testing. This can involve developing validated methods for analytical and microbial testing, as well as genomic testing and bioassay testing. Formulation studies are also a part of their business, she says.

But synthetic psilocybin is not a part of what they’re working with. Sidhu says this is because the company believes that the whole mushroom and extracts derived from it contain synergistic compounds that work together within the person to create a holistic and therapeutic effect.

Sidhu Says Patent Strategy More About Efficiency Of Methods For Numinus

There is patent-pending technology that has been submitted to the US Patent Office, says Sidhu. She claims that is very much based on efficiency of methods. But what does that mean?

Regulatory confidence is the first step of this strategy. This involves being sustainable, efficient, and meeting label claims, but also keeping an eye on price and accessibility.

Delivery is the other half of the efficiency of methods, says Sidhu. This would involve how the products are used in therapy so that they’re more effective and efficient – things like skin patches, nasal sprays, other delivery methods that might mean being able to achieve the correct effect with less product. Using less product would help keep cost per unit down for customers, increasing accessibility.

Check out the full interview with Sidhu in the video above to learn more about the formulations Numinus is working with, and the bioavailability of psilocybin in their end product. For curious investors who may have missed the news, Numinus recently obtained a biosecurity license to boost their natural psychedelic research. That means that they’ve obtained a Federal Containment Level 2 license, which supports testing and validation in the context of bringing the company’s natural products to the market.  The license will be used in the context of the company’s ongoing studies. 

Also be sure to watch part one of Amanda’s visit to the Numinus Bioscience facility, including the interview with CEO Payton Nyquvest here.


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