React Gaming: Poised To Benefit Off Of Esports Betting

React Gaming (TSXV: RGG) CEO Laurent Benezra sat down with our own Shadd Dales to discuss the future of React Gaming, betting, and the Esports industry. React Gaming (formerly known as Intema Solutions Inc.) currently owns its own Esports franchises and betting operations. With the acquisition of LOOT.BET, the company, is gaining traction in diverse esports markets. The new 500,000 new users from LOOT.BET will only prove to expand the Esports betting industry as a whole. HypeX.gg is another website under the React Gaming banner, which furthers the horizontal integration of the company as a whole.

This increases the overall userbase of React Gaming’s products and should prove well for the synergies of LOOT.BET and the esports industry as a whole. These enterprises give React the needed grounding in the Esports betting industry to make them stand out as the early player in a massive market. The markets that React Gaming will get direct exposure to are League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, Fortnite, and more. All of these games have massive followings on Twitch.TV is an excellent indicator of the health of an Esport. There are gamers worldwide becoming more facilitated with the esports scene. React Gaming has a unique opportunity because of the synergy the company has with its own Esports teams.

Currently, React Gaming owns both the Bloodhound Esports and Parabellum Esports brands. Bloodhound Esports is primarily centered around competitive Fortnite and Call of Duty content creation. Content creation for video games is hard to grow organically but React found a way to get talented streamers to play for their banner. Not to mention Parabellum Esports and their competitive R6 team. Parabellum has very high-profile matches coming up with TSM and SSG. These are highly competitive teams, and as Parabellum continues to gain traction, it will only benefit the content creation side of the business. Parabellum also operates out of its iRacing segment. With F1 becoming popular through the rise of their own Netflix series and competitive races, the sports have grown exponentially. This is the same phenomenon that will happen with Esports. As with F1, betting in the sport has gotten very big. With high net worth, sometimes placing 6-7 figure bets on these races.

Other industries have survived off sports betting, and Esports can be one of those. Take NASCAR, for example. There is a large betting scene behind the sport, leading to higher cash prizes for drivers and higher TV ratings due to the betting scene. LOOT.BET can be the full-service experience for esports. This can help support the bottom line for many teams expenses. It’s not easy having an esports team, from home expenses to traveling to coaching, there are many fixed costs for an esports franchise. For esports due to its early foothold in the sector and strong partnerships resulting from the merger. Esports is the next big sporting event to take the world stage. betting will come along with the space, and I believe LOOT.BET has the early mover advantage to make serious headway. These are massively followed games on Twitch.com which is an excellent indicator of an Esports success. Even with competitions heating up in the space, continued horizontal integration of products and offerings will help react become a full-service esports offering. Today no public company has had the early success of React in the space, and I look forward to covering the future ongoings of React Gaming and its products. 

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