Rising Defi TVL Fueled By Institutional Interest In The Sector—Liquid Meta CEO

Although DeFi TVL may be down, it is holding up quite well compared to its correlated sister asset, cryptocurrency. Liquid Meta Capital Holdings Ltd. (NEO:LIQD) liquidity mining operations continue to thrive in this environment, where yield generation has remained strong in January. While that business segment of the company keeps chugging along, its long-term goal of developing a technological platform to facilitate DeFi commerce and transactions remains on track.

Liquid Meta’s Meta Bridge platform links DeFi markets and assets through a central platform. The company is building the platform to be a simple way of deploying liquidity and generating yields efficiently and securely. Software development is an essential pathway for Liquid Meta if it wants to bridge a highly fractured industry and create customized solutions to meet their future clients’ requirements. In the institutional world of finance, that means software that can audit transactions, conform to KYC/AML regulations, and much more.

While it builds out the Meta Bridge platform, Liquid Meta is conducting liquidity mining operations which will help its technology arm to build the most comprehensive software possible. Although most asset markets—including DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL)—have declined to start 2022, CEO Jonathan Wiesblatt isn’t concerned. Due to what he believes to be strong and continuous capital inflows into the sector, DeFi TVL will likely continue its ascent upwards, despite occasional bumps in the road.

We are still experiencing a large amount of Total Value Locked growing inside the space. There’s a lot of interest. We saw a great movement of retail and individual capital, we believe, come into the space, you know, in 2020, in 2021. And then we started to see institutional investors, we believe, from the move upwards to $300 billion—it started to become investor capital, larger institutional capital coming into the space.

Please click on the embedded link to listen to more of this fascinating interview with Liquid Meta CEO, Jonathan Wiesblatt.

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