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Why Score Media and Gaming Sees Canada as a Sports Betting Land of Opportunity

How big of an opportunity does the Canadian market present to companies within the sports betting space?

In our latest segment with the Founder and CEO of Score Media and Gaming John Levy we discuss the Canadian market potential and the opportunities it will present for Score Media and Gaming if and when federal legalization for sports gambling is passed through Parliament Hill.

Canada’s population is currently over 30 million people with most Canadians sports fans being very loyal to the Score Media and Gaming app. In Ontario alone there are 14 million people who reside within the province making it the 5th most populated state if it were part of America.

South of the border in the United States Score Media and Gaming is currently operating in New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado. Currently the state of New Jersey resides just under 9 million people and last year alone generated over $4.5 billion dollars in sports betting revenue.

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