Adaptogenic Superfood Company Rritual Awarded USDA Organic Certification

Adaptogenic superfood company Rritual, a newly launched company aiming to penetrate the health and wellness market with a line of products containing adaptogens and functional mushrooms, has received an organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Superfood company announced the significant milestone yesterday, after breaking the news about its first-ever product lineup containing adaptogenic elixirs focused on reishi, chaga, and lion’s mane functional mushrooms in September 2020. 

Obtaining a USDA organic certification is challenging, as each step of production must be ensured to be free of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“Receiving USDA organic certification provides trusted, third-party validation of the quality of Rritual’s products,” said David Kerbel, CEO of Rritual, in a press release. “We have a premium lineup that features powerful ingredients and with the addition of a certified organic seal our consumers can be confident they are making healthy, informed decisions about what they are putting in their body when they purchase Rritual.”

In further discussion with The Dales Report, Kerbel said having the USDA organic seal can help open the door to retailers in two major ways. 
“First, organic is a leading purchasing influencer of health-conscious consumers, especially when purchasing health products. Secondly, an organic seal makes it easier for a retail buyer to ensure the product is also made with non-GMO ingredients, which is another major influencing factor [for consumers],” he said. 

He added that several national retail chains including Whole Foods have also implemented mandatory shelf labelling of non-gmo ingredients. 
“Having the USDA seal provides reassurance to the buyer the product has been vetted and validated to be organic and non-gmo,” Kerbel added. This will surely be an important separator for Rritual, as not all companies manufacturing adaptogenic mushroom consumables go through the process of obtaining an organic certification. 
Rritual says its line of products may help relieve stress, boost cognitive function, and benefit the immune system. The company hopes to capture a significant share of the $137-billion global superfood market.

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