Clearmind Secures New Patent for Psychedelic Therapy

The TDR Three Key Takeaways for Clearmind:

  1. Clearmind Medicine’s innovative therapy gets patent approval in China.
  2. The company’s IP portfolio now includes 27 granted patents globally.
  3. MEAI molecule shows promise in regulating binge behaviors and addiction.

Clearmind Medicine (Nasdaq: CMND), based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Vancouver, Canada, announced a significant development in its pursuit of innovative treatments for binge behaviors and addiction. Yesterday,, the company disclosed that it had received divisional patent approval in China from the China National Intellectual Property Administration. This approval marks a notable achievement in Clearmind’s strategy to harness psychedelic-derived therapeutics for addressing major health issues that are currently under-treated.

The company, known for its focus on the development of novel treatments derived from psychedelic substances, has now further solidified its position in the competitive landscape of psychedelic medicine. The newly granted patent expands on Clearmind’s intellectual property (IP) by providing broader claims than the initial patent application. Specifically, the patent encompasses the use of primary amine aminoindan compounds, including but not limited to 5-methoxy-2-aminoindan (MEAI), Clearmind’s pioneering psychedelic molecule.

With this recent patent, the company’s IP coverage extends across 27 granted patents and 24 pending applications over 15 patent families. Importantly, these patents have been recognized in major jurisdictions, including the US, Europe, China, and India, highlighting the global scope of Clearmind’s research and development efforts.

Dr. Adi Zuloff-Shani, Clearmind’s CEO, expressed pride in the recognition of the company’s innovative treatment approach.  According to Dr. Zuloff-Shani, pre-clinical studies over the past two years have demonstrated MEAI’s efficacy in regulating binge behaviors, addiction, and other mental health disorders. These findings suggest a promising future for MEAI and similar compounds in treating a range of conditions.

MEAI stands out as a novel psychoactive molecule that has shown potential in reducing the desire to consume alcoholic beverages while providing a slight euphoric experience. This molecule is at the core of Clearmind’s flagship treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), a prevalent condition characterized by an individual’s inability to limit alcohol consumption despite negative consequences. The potential application of MEAI in treating binge drinking, a harmful addiction, underscores the significance of Clearmind’s research and the broader impact of psychedelic-derived therapeutics.

As Clearmind continues its research into the MEAI molecule and other compounds, the potential to positively impact the lives of individuals struggling with binge behaviors and addiction is great. The company’s progress in the field of psychedelic medicine not only advances scientific understanding but also offers hope for new, effective treatments in the near future. Want to keep up to date with all of TDR’s research and news, subscribe to our daily Baked In newsletter.   

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