Cybin Files an International Patent Application Covering Psychedelic Delivery Methods

Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (OTCMKTS: CLXPF), a biotechnology company focused on progressing psychedelic therapeutics, today announced that it has filed an international patent application related to methods for the delivery of psychedelic medications by inhalation and devices for performing those methods.

The application, governed by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”), brings the potential to obtain patent coverage in 153 countries.

The Company believes that the delivery of psychedelic medications using inhalation may overcome key obstacles encountered by traditional oral drug administration. Specifically, the Company expects inhalation delivery to facilitate optimized psychedelic session timing compared to oral administration of the same compounds, lower doses of psychedelic therapeutics while preserving efficacy, and providing health care providers with more control during psychedelic sessions.

Filed in support of the Company’s CYB004 pre-clinical development program, the PCT filing serves to increase the Company’s library of drug delivery modalities directed to optimal delivery of psychedelics and further strengthens Cybin’s growing IP portfolio.

The PCT filing also includes support for future research programs respecting various systems which seek to minimize negative side effects in psychedelic psychotherapy patients, methods that enable lower and sub-psychedelic doses without impacting treatment efficacy and increasing the long-term efficacy of psychedelic sessions.

The continued progression of our research programs guides our discovery of new molecules and differentiating treatment approaches. Continued innovation, as demonstrated by our expanding IP portfolio, positions Cybin as a leading innovator in the development of putative psychedelic treatments for a variety of mental health conditions.

Doug Drysdale, the company’s CEO

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