Cybin Files Two Additional International Patent Applications in Support of the Company’s Research Phase Programs

Cybin Inc.(NEO: CYBN) (OTCMKTS: CLXPF), a biotechnology company focused on progressing psychedelic therapeutics, today announced that it has filed two additional international patent applications that bring the potential to obtain patent coverage in 153 countries for each of the patent applications.

The application, governed by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”), grants the Company the right to file future national applications into treaty member jurisdictions, including important potential markets for the Company. The PCTs claim a library of phenethylamine and derivative drug development candidates and methods of use.

One of the PCT applications claims a group of proprietary compounds identified by the Company’s research data as being important for further evaluation toward selection as potential therapeutics. The other PCT application includes claims and disclosures toward several other proprietary novel psychedelic compounds, including compounds with positive research data, meeting the Company’s internal research metrics. The Company believes these applications will further strengthen the CYB005 program, directed to therapy resistant psychiatric disorders, and provide compositions for further evaluation in additional future research programs.

The Company continues to execute upon its three-pillar drug development strategy to create: (a) a novel drug discovery platform and research on the potential efficacy of psychedelic molecules to address unmet mental health needs; (b) efficient drug delivery to enhance dosing control; and (c) a potential novel treatment regimen. These PCT applications are intended to provide broad international patent protection of key intellectual property in support of the Company’s strategic objectives.

The Company’s current indications include major depressive disorder (CYB001), alcohol use disorder (CYB003) and anxiety disorders (CYB004). In addition, two programs in the research phase (CYB005 and CYB006) involved synthesis and testing of more than 50 novel compounds coupled with extensive in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacokinetic, receptor binding, behavioral and safety evaluations.

Cybin is dedicated to finding treatments for therapy resistant psychiatric indications as we believe these will provide patients and their medical providers with new avenues to address this significant unmet need. We appreciate the continued dedication of our team to identify and progress our research phase programs toward pre-clinical evaluation

Doug Drysdale, CEO

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