DraftKings Announces Million Dollar Initiative For Responsible Gaming

Sports gambling pioneer DraftKings recently announced a $1 million initiative to promote responsible gaming.  The company’s multi-year financial commitment to problem gambling councils throughout the United States is a clear admission that sports gambling has the potential to be addictive yet it is also a step in the right direction.  The hope is that this initiative bolsters the company’s public reputation while simultaneously helping sports gambling addicts and also making that much more money for sports betting investors.

Details Of The Initiative

DraftKings will work with state councils throughout the United States, providing essential funding that supports local nonprofit organizations.  The initiative, dubbed The State Council Funding Program, provides individual state councils with $15,000 across the next three years.  In aggregate, the initiative will provide state councils with an impressive $1,575,000 of funding across the ensuing three years.

Christine Thurmond, the Director of DraftKings’ Responsible Gaming unit, commented on the initiative, highlighting how her prior work with her home state’s council in Massachusetts has made it easier to understand how such organizations benefit members of the community.  Thurmond went on to detail how the company is committed to bolstering responsible gaming in coordination with state councils throughout the country.  The hope is that the additional funding provides councils with the support necessary for the financing of priority areas, setting the stage for services to expand and additional staff to be hired.

The company’s State Council Funding Program will be used at each council’s discretion, improving programs and services for families and individuals, council staff and others.  The state council funding might also be used to boost capacity with nearby states for an expanded presence.  The initiative will commence later this month.

Awakn Life Sciences’ Role In Treating Sports Gambling

Another publicly traded company, Awakn Life Sciences has the potential to greatly benefit from the rise of sports gambling.  Though earning money as a result of ever-growing sports gambling addictions isn’t the most uplifting way to finance continuing operations, it has the potential to be quite profitable.  Those interested in psychedelics investing should be aware that Awakn trades under the symbol of AWKNF.

Awakn’s psychedelic medicines will likely be used to help sports gambling addicts overcome or at least mitigate their addiction.  The company has obtained ethical approval for the use of ketamine in the context of treating patients saddled by gambling disorders.  Awakn’s psychedelics can also be used to treat Internet Gaming Disorder, Compulsive Sexual Behavior and Binge Eating Disorder.

Awakn’s Ketamine Might Help Sports Gambling Addicts 

The ensuing basket study will be the first-ever in the world.  Professor Celia Morgan, the head of the company’s ketamine-assisted therapy, will spearhead the study.  The hope is that ketamine can be used as a form of therapy for addictions including sprots gambling addictions.  It is possible that ketamine will alter the way in which the brain makes connections and also boost neuroplasticity with the use of EEG.

It is interesting to note the market doesn’t currently have any licensed pharmacological treatments to help individuals saddled by behavioral addictions or disorders.  There is a growing need for new treatment modalities as the number of additions spikes across the globe.  At the current moment, nearly 500 million individuals throughout the world are addicted to gambling. This figure will increase all the more as sports gambling spills over into the mainstream in the United States and elsewhere in the years ahead. 

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