HAVN Extends Contract With Mycotopia Therapies

HAVN Life recently announced it is expanding its supply agreement with an industry power player.  The agreement with Mycotopia Therapies expands the distribution of psilocybin functional mushrooms along with white label products, natural health products made by HAVN Life and more.  The expansion also adds to the company’s naturally made psilocybin compounds.  Let’s take a closer look at the details of the corporate partnership and why it is important for psychedelics investors. 

A Win For Psychedelics Investors

The extension of the contract described above is important in the context of psychedelics investing as HAVN Life Sciences is a publicly traded company.  HAVN trades under the symbol of HAVN on the CNSX and the symbol of HAVLF on the over-the-counter market.  HAVN is a biotech specialist set on standardizing the efficient extraction of compounds considered to be psychoactive.  The company also develops natural health products.

A Mutually Beneficial Corporate Partnership

HAVN’s agreement with Mycotopia Therapies implements a second supply contract pertaining to a slew of additional products.  This agreement is officially referred to as the Expanded Supply Agreement.  The initial agreement established terms in which HAVN supplied psilocybin that is naturally derived to Mycotopia, bolstering the channel of distribution to universities, academicians and businesses throughout the United States while remaining in full compliance with local rules and federal laws.

The corporate partners’ Expanded Supply Agreement permits HAVN to provide Mycotopia Therapies with additional products including natural over-the-counter health items that are in the process of being formally registered with the Jamaican Ministry of Health.  This ministry is a government organization that guarantees the provision of services are of high quality and promote a green environment and healthy lifestyles.  The ministry works in tandem with regional health authorities, organizations and agencies to comprise the overarching public health system, providing health care to the entirety of the island.

HAVN’s Leadership Makes A Statement

Tim Moore, the CEO of HAVN Life, made a statement after announcing the extension of the agreement with Mycotopia.  Moore and other executives with HAVN have noted they are “delighted” to expand the partnership through the new agreement.  The executives embrace the opportunity to help transition HAVN’s products to a larger market.  Moore also noted he looks forward to working with Mycotopia’s leadership in the ongoing development of therapeutic, plant-derived treatment modalities that help treat patients with mental health pathologies. 

Functional Mushrooms Are The Wave Of The Future

Moore went on to detail how mushrooms rank in the top two of the most grown natural health supplements in the world.  He highlighted the fact that mushrooms are underserved in the current market.  

The Expanded Supply Agreement detailed above ultimately supports the company’s research and development efforts as well as its ongoing aggressive push for product development.  The hope is that the partnership will catalyze the push for creating alternatives to psilocybin that is synthetically derived.  

HAVN will soon supply Mycotopia Therapies with an influx of functional psilocybin to mitigate supply chain challenges.  The functional mushrooms will also empower Mycotopia to take full advantage of HAVN’s unique business plan highlighted by creative strategies for revenue generation and extensive distribution channels.  

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