How Healing REIT Will Improve Mental Health Therapy Access

As we are sharing some of our final interviews taken at the MAPS Psychedelics Science Conference 2023, we get back to the subject of location and how Healing REIT might improve access to mental health therapy. We spoke earlier with Chairman Joe Caltabiano and Advisor Matthew “Whiz” Buckley. In this latest TDR Exclusive  on location, we welcome Healing REIT’s Chief Operating Officer Daniel Carcillo and Managing Partner Cody Shandraw to the mic with host Shadd Dales and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell.

In case you missed the previous podcast about Healing REIT, this company was set up to invest in real estate projects specifically aimed at psychedelic therapy. Part of their service offering also involves helping clinicians transition their practices over to psychedelics. In our previous talk, we discussed why institutional money to invest in the space starts with real estate. Caltabiano also discussed the outlooks of both cannabis and psychedelics based on his ventures in both spaces in that episode.

This time, Carcillo and Shandraw discuss with us in further detail about why real estate is so significant to the psychedelic industry. We’ll also explore how the company’s goal in expanding clinical infrastructures is one avenue to achieve better healing processes with psychedelic-assisted treatments.

It appears that MAPS might have hosted one of the most successful conferences in years. We’ll do a quick recap with our thoughts and discuss how communication in the industry is such an important feature. Healing REIT’s leadership explains how psychedelic experiences affects the narrative and explains some of the strategies around it.

Is hyperscaling possible? We examine the requirements of the industry when it comes to providing more accessible mental healthcare for all through widening the reach of therapy clinics. Join us as we further understand the value of bigger and better clinics and come to understand what legacy Healing REIT wants to create in mental health therapy.

Tune in to catch the latest.

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