Mindset Pharma At MAPS: Phase 2 In-Patient Trial And More

In this latest TDR Exclusive podcast: We’re on location at the MAPS Psychedelics Science Conference with Mindset Pharma. Mindset Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Joe Araujo and CEO James Lanthier are discussing some big news with TDR host Shadd Dales.

For curious investors, Toronto-headquartered Mindset Pharma Inc (OTCMKTS: MSSTF) is a drug discovery business focused on creating novel and patentable psychedelic compounds. Last week, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK granted Mindset approval to initiate a Phase II study of MSP-1014, a novel psilocin prodrug, on major depressive disorder. We discuss the upcoming plans for this Phase 2 trial with Araujo and Lanthier and learn more details about what the next steps will look like.

Are psychedelics gaining healthcare value? And are there some big opportunities for strategic companies? Will Compass’ first gen treatments get approval, and what advancements will we be seeing in the research landscape? We share our thoughts. Arujo and Lanthier go into more detail about the unique partnership between Mindset Pharma and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, and their vision for psychedelic treatment for MDD. This partnership was announced back in January, 2022. How are things looking 18 months later? Is the partnership with Big Pharma working out well for them?

There’s been a lot to take in at the MAPS Psychedelics Science Conference in Denver for all the companies involved, including Mindset. They’ll share a little bit about their takeaways and what sort of impact we might see as a result from it. Also in discussion: Psychedelic medicine is likely to be costly. Does the higher cure rate make it worth it?

We find out what to anticipate in these next generation of psychedelic treatments, how it compares to Compass’ developments, and the impacts of the company’s progressive approach towards mental healthcare landscape. All this and more, in this TDR Exclusive with the Mindset Pharma executives.

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