Newest Numinus Production Process Has “The Potential To Transform The Sector”

One major quandary facing psychedelic drug developers and companies that specialize in assisted-therapy is choosing which form of psilocybin to work with. All things being equal, natural psilocybin derived from mushrooms would be the logical choice given the wellness-promoting phenols and minerals that they contain. However, psilocybin derived from mushrooms have significant drawbacks in terms of scalability, medicinal consistency and cost which veer some companies towards the synthetic route.

But Numinus has remained steadfast in its desire to produce only naturally-derived psilocybin for its patients. As today’s press release shows, a commitment to research and a little luck has lead to an important process discovery that could lead to increased access for psilocybin in the way nature intended.

Today, Numinus announced that its subsidiary Numinus Bioscience has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a process that dramatically increases the production of therapeutics for use in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The sustainable, reproducible and easily scalable process will be used to rapidly generate therapeutic products from psychoactive fungi species that contain psilocybin and include some completely novel beneficial compounds. The resulting products are intended to be delivered various dosages to help treat the ballooning epidemic of mental health disorders plaguing society.

How big is this discovery you might ask? According to today press release, Numinus CEO Payton Nyquvest describes the patent-pending rapid production process as having, “the potential to transform the sector“. Quite a notable quote from a company not known for embellishing claims or being overly-promotional in any way.

In our newest interview with Payton Nyquvest and Numinus Bioscience Science Officer Sharan Sidhu, they walk viewers through what this new process means for the company. Beyond the competitive business advantages such discoveries entail, Sharan and Payton talk about how the process improves accessibility, which has always been foremost of Numinus’ list of priorities.


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