Numinus Submits Its Phase 1 Psilocybin Trial Application

Numinus is in the news for announcing the submission of a clinical trial application for a phase 1 trial of its psilocybin treatment modality.  The proprietary product will be thoroughly evaluated during the trial.  The hope is that psilocybin will be approved as the company’s first-ever trademarked product that is patented and available for widespread use.

Numinus Is Making Strides

If you are interested in psychedelics investing, Numinus Wellness should be on your radar.  Numinus trades over-the-counter under the trading symbol of NMIF.  The stock also trades on the TSE under the symbol of NUMI.  The company is a pioneer in the psychedelics space, making strides toward the mainstream use of psilocybin and other psychedelics for depression and other pathologies.

The company’ latest announcement pertaining to its clinical trial application to Health Canada centers on the naturally derived psilocybe extract formulation referred to as NBIO-01.  This is an important achievement as it bolsters the company’s position as a leader in the development of highly effective and safe psychedelic products.  Numinus aims to provide psilocybin to those in need through its Numinus Bioscience wing that is officially licensed by Health Canada.

Numinus’ Science Officer and General Manager, Sharan Sidhu, states the company’s application as detailed above advances its product pipeline, expedites development and sets the stage for patients to obtain easy access to highly effective psychedelic assisted therapies.  He went on to state the trial will gauge the bioavailability and safety of psilocybin, creating momentum for the company to advance its intellectual property development.  

Numinus’ psilocybin product has been carefully developed to be shelf-stable, live up to its claims and prove minimally variable.  The hope is that the trial will provide the much-needed data pertaining to psilocybin’s comparative bioavailability in addition to providing information regarding its safety for patient use.

A Closer Look at NBIO-01

NBIO-01 is the company’s initial proprietary formulation created from extracts made with patent-pending tech for which a patent was submitted to the United States Patent Office.  This unique formulation was carefully created to provide the stable delivery of psilocybin along with additional synergistic compounds.

The clinical trial, referred to with the acronym of HOPE, is the company’s first-ever completely autonomous trial.  This trial is a multi-phase study that will occur in the Vancouver Numinus clinic.  If approval is obtained, Numinus will start testing the extract for its tolerability, safety and bioavailability.  Nearly two dozen individuals will participate in the study.  There will also be testing conducted against a unique psilocybin provided to nearly 30 healthy individuals.

Numinus’ Leader Provides a Statement

Payton Nyquvest, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Numinus Wellness, notes he and his team are hard at work developing psilocybin and other psychedelic treatment modalities at the company’s research facilities, focusing on creating quality products that prove safe and effective.  Nyquvest has gone out of his way to express his pride in the Numinus team ranging from the clinical researchers who administer studies to the bioscience professionals who develop Numinus products and beyond.  Nyquvest ended his statement by indicating he looks forward to guiding the company to additional milestones in the ongoing quest to make psychedelic therapies available to patients throughout the world. 


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