Red Light Holland Receives Patent Pending Status For ‘Find Your Dose’ Customization of Microdosing Kits Based on Biometric and Movement Data

Red Light Holland Corp. (CNSX: TRIP) (OTCMKTS: TRUFF), an Ontario-based corporation engaged in the production, growth and sale of a premium brand of magic truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands, is pleased to provide an update on its intellectual property as the Company has received patent pending status for the customization and personalization of microdosing kits and protocols based on biometric and movement data, for the Company’s natural occurring consumer goods product consisting of raw, natural and unprocessed magic truffles.

“Biometric data, especially our pose and the way we move, is an untapped gold mine of data that can help us understand what is happening in our subconscious. Utilizing this data to help people find the psilocybin microdose that works best for them can potentially be a breakthrough in personalization of wellness applications,” said Sarah Hashkes, Red Light Holland’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. “This innovation brings together two of the most promising tools we have to promote growth, embodiment practices and psychedelics and is part of the larger scope of scientifically based support structures Red Light Holland is creating to ensure the increase in neural plasticity caused by psychedelics is accompanied with a ‘set and setting’ that help people make the most out of naturally occurring psilocybin.”

Working with natural substances and combining them with cutting edge innovation and proprietary technology to hopefully help people as opposed to limiting people, is now the way of the future. Red Light Holland’s progressiveness, creativity and pure belief in providing access, coupled with Sarah Hashkes’ expertise, and the help of our Senior Advisor, IP lawyer and psychedelics advocate, Graham Pechenik, generates the precise combination of experience, forethought and understanding of natural occurring psilocybin to potentially prove out the benefits of and change the stigma around the use of these magical substances. Learning about these potential benefits and being a part of developing precise dosages for the betterment of consumers is now a more realistic goal for Red Light Holland.

Todd Shapiro, CEO and Director of Red Light Holland

Red Light Holland’s newest innovation also incorporates the ground-breaking advancements in its iMicro Digital Care App and its Wisdom Truffle, further contributing to a growing technology ecosystem designed to allow consumers to obtain the greatest possible benefit from their microdosing journeys.

Evidence for the benefits of psilocybin continues to accumulate, and people who microdose psilocybin-containing mushrooms report improvements in mood, focus, creativity, and general well-being, as well as the amelioration of symptoms of mental health issues. (See, e.g., Anderson et al., Microdosing psychedelics: personality, mental health, and creativity differences in microdosers. Psychopharmacol. (Berl). 236, 731-740 (2019); Lea et al., Psychedelic Microdosing: A Subreddit Analysis. J. Psychoactive Drugs 52, 101-112 (2020).) Meanwhile, acceptance of psilocybin continues to spread, with voters in Oregon legalizing the use of psilocybin and psilocybin-containing fungi for therapy, and numerous other jurisdictions moving toward legalization or decriminalization. Despite this growing body of evidence, and despite the increasing acceptance of its use both as a medicine and for the betterment of healthy people, little is currently known about how dosage amounts and protocols can be optimized for specific individuals. This is particularly true in the case of microdosing, and those interested in achieving the benefits of microdosing must generally rely on trial and error, or expensive coaches, and there is no assurance that either will lead to optimal outcomes. Working to overcome these hurdles, ongoing research by inventor Sarah Hashkes, CTIO of Red Light Holland, has resulted in a novel approach to microdosing, which enables personalized dosing amounts and protocols that are based on collected biometric and movement data, and correlated with the qualities and characteristics of Red Light Holland’s natural products.

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