Red Light Holland’s Shroom Outlook – Todd Shapiro Reveals All

Cannabis earnings has been dominating the news lately, but in this latest TDR Psychedelic Exclusive, we turn back to psilocybin and catch up with the CEO of Red Light Holland, Todd Shapiro. Headquartered in Toronto, Red Light Holland (CNSX: TRIP) currently provides premium, iMicrodose branded truffles to the legal, adult-use market in the Netherlands.

While he describes Red Light Holland originally as a ‘concept,’ Todd believes that his company was able to deliver a lot of what they claimed they would do. They started a truffle brand and farm in the Netherlands and bought a distribution company that is ‘doing a significant source of revenue.’ That, Todd claims, is helping them grow other parts of the business such as SR Wholesale.  

Todd explains where he’s at in the current regulatory market, and provides an update on the company’s latest developments, which includes work that the company is currently accomplishing in New Brunswick. He also gives us an overall outlook on how the legal framework for functional mushrooms is developing in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Todd Shapiro has been able to attract names like Bruce Linton, Russell Peters and Wiz Khalifa as executives, ambassadors and advisors to the company. Celebrity representation has done huge things for other brands. How might these voices shape the message of Red Light Holland and future business expansions? We’re excited to find out, and Todd has some clear goals in mind. He also explains how exactly the advisors’ roles within the organization will help advance the company.

We find out more about the recent report published on psilocybin micro dosing, which is aimed to educate medical doctors in Australia. Australia is advancing quick and may begin exploring micro dosing as mental health treatment. Todd explains how their regulations are working at the moment down under, and touches upon the partnership that launched the report.

What will the competitive landscape look like in Australia and others? It may be too soon to tell. Nevertheless, Todd’s optimistic about Red Light Holland’s future. Governments and regulations are opening which will help with short-term revenue. Listen to the whole podcast for the inside info.

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