Guaranteed Money #34: Does The Mob Still Have Control Of Sports Wagering?

In this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell talk about the black market of sports wagering and a recent NFT fantasy controversy. Hell, it’s almost a scandal.

With the NBA game up between the Raptors and Philly, Ryan and Anthony butt heads on the players of both teams. And what’s going to be hot in the Eastern Conference later down the line? Find out who they were rooting for and who they thought should have been riding the pine.

Rush Street Interactive is being pegged as one of the best performing stocks on the back of a Wells Fargo upgrade. This is surprising for some because it’s a company that has been flying under the radar. Anthony and Ryan unpack what the analysts have been saying about the investment opportunity in Rush Street Interactive.

It’s no surprise that when most people think about sports betting, the mafia is still top of mind for a lot of people, especially older folks. Regulated gambling was supposed to get rid of the mob’s hold on the sports betting arena. But is there still something happening under the surface? Will it ever go away? Hear their thoughts.

Lastly, NFT fantasy soccer and fantasy sports are a pretty big deal. Two Dutch soccer players have started a firestorm over what some are calling insider trading. But is it? Anthony says there’s no laws to be broken. Listen to the whole episode of Guaranteed Money and share your thoughts in the comments! To view episode 33 click here.

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