Guaranteed Money #38: FTX And Crypto.com Are Transforming F1 Miami

Millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell is back in the chair with host Ryan Doyle. In this episode of Guaranteed Money, they unpack some of the recent news in the crypto and sports betting world.

The NBA playoffs are still going strong. The Milwaukee Bucks had just about been written off by people who felt the Celtics would crush them without Khris Middleton, and in a surprising twist, it ended up being the Celtics who got smoked. Are the Celtics overvalued? Hear their thoughts.

On the business side, California is looking at legalizing sports betting – and there’s still a way to go. Major players in the gambling space are backing the solutions to homelessness and mental support act. Tax money from gambling would go to support homelessness and mental health. Ryan thinks that this might be the right sort of initiative that brings sports betting home to California. How does Anthony feel about it? You’ll have to hear the episode to find out. And be sure to weigh in with your thoughts.

Anthony and Ryan also take a look at how crypto and NFTs are fuelling F1’s Miami offering, and why Cathie Woods is bullish on DraftKings ahead of their Q1 call. That and more on this episode of Guaranteed Money – be sure to check out the full podcast right here on The Dales Report. To view episode 37 click here.

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