Guaranteed Money #40: Why Brady Chose Fox Sports

We have a special treat for you today in this episode of Guaranteed Money. Host Ryan Doyle and the CEO of The Dales Report, Shadd Dales, connect to talk the latest sports and betting news. Incidentally, be sure to check out Shadd’s own podcast, Trade to Black, on TDR for the investment scoop in the psychedelics and cannabis spaces.

In today’s episode, Shadd and Ryan break down the deal between Tom Brady and Fox Sports. Ryan isn’t sold on Tom Brady being a part of the ideal broadcast lineup, even though he ticks a lot of boxes. Are you looking forward to seeing Brady every Sunday, or are you turned off by his ego? Let us know in the comments of the episode; we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Additionally, Shadd and Ryan talk hockey and some of the cultural differences in the way Americans and Canadians watch the sport, plus the fall football season (naturally), and lessons learned from the Miami Grand Prix.

In stock news, how might the California sports wagering market tilt voters, and is now the right time to go all in on DraftKings? Listen to the full podcast to hear hat and more on Guaranteed Money!  To view episode 39 click here.

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