Guaranteed Money #39: Why Caesars Stock May Hold An Edge

In this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell look at the latest earnings report from Caesars, why F1 may be a cash cow for sports wagering companies, and the most REAL conversation about the Metaverse you will likely ever hear…involving $6K digital Nikes!

We want to put out a special shout out to our listeners for liking and subscribing to our podcast. In the three months since we’ve launched, we’ve seen incredible growth, beyond expectations. So just a bit word of thanks to our loyal viewers and listeners. If you’re watching the episode son YouTube, please feel free to leave us a comment on anything; we’d love to interact and have a conversation with you.

On the stock end of things, Caesars wasn’t the only company to have their earnings call this week, but they were one to make the headline. You might be shocked to find out how much of an increase there is in the number of people who have started regularly betting on sports. What’s driving the numbers? New interest? Savvy marketing? Or just more states coming online?

Anthony has a strong take Fancurve’s business model, but you’ll have to listen to the whole episode to find it. That’s okay, though, because you won’t want to miss the conversation in this show about the Metaverse. All this and more on this episode of Guaranteed Money! To view episode 38 click here.

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