Guaranteed Money #41: Is Joel Embiid No Longer A Safe Bet?

With millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell back in the saddle, in this episode of Guaranteed Money, he and host Ryan Doyle look at the latest in sports betting news this week. Today you’re going to hear the scoop on Draft Kings, Joel Embiid, and Fanatics’ new look.

Anthony’s catching up on the Tom Brady news, signing on with Fox, and shares his take. Did you let us know how you feel about Tom Brady? Let us know in the comments of this episode whether you side with Anthony or Ryan.

The Celtics looked like had the Bucks on the ropes, waiting for the KO punch, but Jana said hold my beer. Also: is it check out time for NBA star Joel Embiid? Anthony feels like if it were any other time, he’d have been sidelined by now. And what the hell is happening with the MVPs?

Who’s going to take the series? We’ve got some predictions that might shock you.

The United States really really likes legal sports betting, and the numbers released by the AGA showed an all-time quarterly record of $26.34bn in Q1 of this year. That’s up 102%. It’s crucible time for the companies in the game. Who’s going to be able to scale their marketing and be most profitable?

Be sure to check out the entire episode and hear why DraftKings new NFT fantasy league is into something and how a new look for Fanatics could be exactly what they need! That and more in Guaranteed Money! To view episode 40 click here.

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