Guaranteed Money #45: ESI DC’s Thought Leaders And The Esports Gold Rush

Ryan Doyle, the host of TDR’s Guaranteed Money, hopped on a plane last week to Washington, D.C. and got in on all the esports action at ESI DC conference. In this special episode, Ryan talks to some of the biggest thought-leaders in esports and beyond.

Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear from Moritz Mauer, CEO Grid Esports; Laurent Benezra, CEO React Gaming Group; Ben Feferman, CGO React Gaming Group; Billy Le Voir-Barry, President Generation Esports; Neil Duffy, CRO eFuse; and Justin Stefanovic, SVP Misfits Gaming Group. They all share a little bit about what makes the esports ecosystem tick.

At ESI DC, Moritz Mauer tackled the discussion of what a game developer’s role in the world of esports is. He says it’s a critical concept for people to grasp to enter the space. You might be surprised at how important data is in the esports universe.

We hear again from Laurent Benezra, the CEO of React Gaming Group. He says esports are not yet mainstream – but the industry experts at ESI DC believe one day they will be. (Don’t miss out on our longer interview of him at episode #44 of Guaranteed Money.)

North America still has some growing to do in esports. Could it get as big as China one day? Billy Le Voir-Barry has some thoughts. Let us know if you agree! As always, we welcome your thoughts and opinions in the comments of our episodes.

Ben Feferman, also part of the React Gaming Group as Chief Gaming Officer, shares a little bit about how fast he believes the industry is evolving, and the surprises he’s seen in the last few years as he’s worked in the space. Biggest surprise? Who hasn’t made a huge push into esports. Find out who he thinks is missing the boat.

Ryan loves to talk to the ‘money guys,’ and Neil Duffy, eFuse’s Chief Revenue Officer, is super passionate about esports, as we found out at ESI DC. Find out what he thinks are the biggest stand-out things about esports in his eight years in the industry. It’s not just the revenue opportunities that are everywhere.

Justin Stefanovic, SVP of Partnerships at Misfits Gaming Group, admitted at ESI DC that while his company is an esports organization, it feels like they’re morphing more into a media company than a pro sports team. Find out why. He’s also sharing insights on what he believes is the ‘secret sauce’ is for a game to catch on, and how Misfits approaches tailoring content to different markets.

Check out the full podcast for this and more in this special edition of Guaranteed Money, and be sure to like and subscribe to our channel so you never miss another episode.

To view our special episode #44, with Laurent Benezra, President and CEO of React Gaming (TSXV: RGG) at ESI DC conference, click here.

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