Guaranteed Money #46: The Metaverse Is About To Change Betting Forever

Host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell look at what happens when the metaverse collides with betting in this episode of Guaranteed Money.

It’s not often that there’s a story that falls into our lap and we wonder if it was written just for our show, but Sharp Link Gaming seems to be a cross section of all the different things we talk about on Guaranteed Money. They provide data driven user engagement and conversion solutions for the US sports betting and gaming industry, and the big news is how they’ve expanded in collaboration with Quintar.

Quintar is a tech platform company that helps enable live sports experiences in the metaverse – or at least that’s what they’re working towards. Bloomberg says the metaverse market could reach $800bn by 2024. Find out where we think it’s all going long term, and why we’re so excited.

Fox and ESPN are seriously missing out in the sports wagering space, and this is why we think the other companies are going to eat their lunches. Do you agree? Listen to the whole podcast and share your thoughts in the comments of the episode.

Of course, we also catch up on the latest happenings in the NBA playoffs. Are the Golden State Warriors about to enter the conversation as greatest team of all time? That and more in Guaranteed Money!

To view our special episode #45 at ESI DC conference, click here.

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