Guaranteed Money #50: MaximBet All In On Nicki Minaj

In this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle is flying solo for the week so that  Anthony Varrell can catch up on the business end of being a millennial entrepreneur. But that’s OK – Ryan’s got no problems talking to himself. For now, he’s going to dig in on a look at the latest sports and gambling news. Up on today’s episode: Maximbet, theScoreBet, and a little thing in the sports wagering space called spooling.

With the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup playoffs going on, it’s a great time to be watching sports, but first up Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Are they possibly the most unlikeable people on the planet, or just in sports? Ryan’s opinion is no secret, but feel free to join in the conversation and let your opinions be known in the comments of the episode.

If you missed the news, Nicki Minaj is about to become as significant stakeholder and global ambassador to MaximBet. If you need a catchup, Ryan’s got all the deets right here.

Why is theScoreBet is taking YOU to new heights? And lastly, the spooling. It’s raising a lot of questions in the sports wagering space, mostly because there’s no regulations regarding it. Here’s what it is and why you should care. Get all this and more in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #49click here.

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