Guaranteed Money #55: Has Charles Barkley Officially Lost His Mind?

A lot has happened in the world of cryptocurrency, and on this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell are ready to take that on. That’s not the only topic of conversation today; they’ll also be looking at Apple’s new deal and Charles Barkley.

Were you prepared for this crypto crash? Anthony’s value’s taken a hit. But he says he’s not worried about it, and if you listen to the full episode, you’ll find out why. You might have a different opinion as a crypto investor though – feel free to share your thoughts as always in the comments of this episode. We always love hearing from our listeners. But it’s also not just about personal investments in cryptocurrency; the crashing market also stands a chance to impact gambling and even maybe sports themselves, and the two are going to take a closer look at that.

As a media company, Apple has opportunities, and after the success of Ted Lasso it’s no big surprise that Apple and MLS have decided to try to enter into a partnership with one another. Ryan believes whoever put this deal together is a genius. If you missed this bit of news, we’ve got the recap right here.

After this past week, Ryan thinks NBA legend Charles Barkley shouldn’t be talking out of both sides of his mouth, especially as a spokesperson for FanDuel. Should he get the smackdown? That and more on Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #54 click here.

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