Guaranteed Money #56: TDR Takes You To The Heart Of The Canadian Gaming Summit

In this episode of Guaranteed Money, TDR’s Ryan Doyle takes you inside the Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto. He’s spent an amazing conference talking with several different CEOs, and he’s sharing some of those interviews to help listeners gain a brand new perspective on this emerging industry.

Paul Burns, the head of the Canadian Gaming Association spends some time chatting with Ryan. For him, he says, the conference has been a great chance to reconnect with people in the industry, as well as finally meet some of the new players face to face for the first time since COVID hit. Paul and Ryan spend some time chatting about some of the innovators and entrepreneurs in the gaming space now that are uniquely Canadian. You’ll hear about companies like NRT Technologies who has changed the ATM business in casinos, and Paysafe. The two also take on the last 10 weeks in Ontario and how the industry has fared since April 4. Paul feels that transparency has been great for the gaming industry, and that this is a key item to help the consumer build trust, which is important because it’s also key in creating sustainability and long-term players.

Nic Sulsky, the Chief Commerical Officer of PointsBet, also joins Ryan on this podcast. We’ve had Nic on the show before, but he’s going to give Guaranteed Money a scoop on what’s been missed in the last couple of months for the PointsBet brand, and a little insight on the man himself.

Ryan also has a chance to catch up with Bruce Caughill, managing director of Rush Street Interactive, and Peter Czegledy, partner at Aird & Berlis LLP. Both share their unique look at why the Canadian gaming industry is offering up a world of new opportunities to businesses and consumers in the wagering space. Don’t miss what they have to say when you tune into the full episode of Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #55 click here.

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