Guaranteed Money #57: Steph Curry And The Warriors Favourites To Win AGAIN

The Celtics are out of the playoffs, and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell is feeling great about that. He and host Ryan Doyle get together on today’s episode of Guaranteed Money to catch up on all the latest news in sports, including the NBA championship, who might be hoisting the Stanley Cup, and a favorite topic of discussion: Canada gambling, specifically Ontario, and how much the people trust the government to run gambling agencies.

In basketball chat, Ryan shares his “peak” Boston experience which featured Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports in the VIP area having a really, really bad night. Anthony is vindicated over the Warriors setting the record straight, but now he’s annoyed about what people are saying about LeBron and others. Also: Steph Curry, MVP? They’ve got a lot to talk about regarding that. Be sure to catch the basketball chatter in the full episode, and if you would like to share your thoughts and opinions with us, be sure to head on over to the YouTube comments of this episode.

The hockey playoffs have been thrilling to watch, says Ryan, and it’s almost been like a different brand of hockey. Does Tampa have more clout in the series than people gave them credit for? Anthony and Ryan have some speculations about who’s going to come out ahead in the showdown between them and Colorado. And wow, did you see the price of the seats? It’s absolutely crazy.

If you’re into golf, Ryan’s been watching some of the US Open, and he’s not pleased at the way TV stations seem to be going out of their way to discredit and ‘shit all over’ some of the guys. Anthony’s not big on the formality and divide in the sport; the game could have been elevated, but the way some of the leagues are behaving is just putting a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Catch the whole episode – it’s a great one. You’ll also hear Anthony and Ryan discuss the new Magic Johnson NFT project, and why Canadians seem to like the government brand of betting…or do they? That and more in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #56 click here.

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