Guaranteed Money #66: Some Of The Biggest CEO’s In Wagering Predict Future Of The Space

Guaranteed Money host Ryan Doyle is at the Canadian Gaming Summit, and today you’re in for a treat, because this podcast will feature some unique conversations with four of the biggest CEOs in Canada’s sports wagering space. Anna Sainsbury, CEO of GeoComply; Ilkim Hincer EVP and Chief Legal Officer Hard Rock International; John Levy CEO The Score Media & Gaming; and Scott Burton CEO FansUnite all join this panel.

Anna Sainsbury is from British Columbia, and she is proud of BC’s quick adoption of sports betting and casino gambling. Ilkim Hincer recently relocated down to South Florida from Canada, just before the pandemic, but he still tries to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening back home in gaming. John Levy’s company had to get their jump start in the United States a little bit, but he’s thrilled to be able to bring gaming to the home turf. And Scott Burton, who has a similar story and had to begin on the Isle of Man, is likewise thrilled that so many people who were in the industry early on can begin to “come out of the shadows.”

Be sure to catch the whole podcast. The panel kicks off with a discussion about the challenges the industry faces in keeping companies within Canada’s borders, as well as how should companies work on keeping human capital in Canada. Ryan also explores how the Ontario iGaming market, one of most talked about developments in years, has impacted the industry. How important is licensing, in its wake?

Land-based operations are an important part of the conversation, especially in a post-pandemic world, and many might have questions about how they fit into the bigger narrative. And how important is delivering experiences to players? Find out what these CEOs have to say, and more, in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #65 click here.

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