Guaranteed Money Episode #17: Soccer, Web3 and Sam Jones, Founder of Fanz.com

In today’s episode of Guaranteed Money, Host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell speak with Sam Jones founder of OOOOO Entertainment Commerce Limited (CVE: OOOO), an interactive livestream shopping commerce platform. Not only has Jones founded what has been described as “Gen Z’s answer to QVC,” he’s also the founder of Fanz.com, which launches this month.

How Fanz.com Ended Up Targeting The Soccer Market

As we mentioned in February, Jones explained how Fanz.com was made for the global soccer community. It combines OOOOO’s live video commerce experience with mobile gaming and an NFT marketplace.

“Fans.com…. I think one way or other I’ve been thinking about it for 30 years,” Jones admits. “It just it just so happens that the technology has kind of arrived.”

Jones is an avid fan of soccer himself, and after the company opted to become the first user of their Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable live, browser-based live streaming, the decision to target 3.5 billion fans was an easy one.

Jones Plans To Bring Soccer To The Web3 Era With The Fanz.com Platform

While deciding to target the passionate soccer fanbase was easy, what was more of a challenge was deciding how to bring the global soccer phenomenon to Web3.

“That’s two massively different populations,” says Jones. “If you go to the Emirates, today, there’s probably like 0.1% of people in the Emirates that own an NFT. What we’re trying to do is… our tagline is football in Web3, but we’re trying to connect the two. So, we talk about ourselves as being a gateway to NFT’s. Gaming. And my big dream is governance.”

The End Result Hopefully Brings Fans Closer To The Game They Love – For Life

Jones says that Fanz.com will rely on OOOOO’s proprietary technology to bring soccer fans unique merchandise and memorabilia offerings beyond what is currently available. Or as phrased on their website, Fanz.com combines “legends, artists and community.”

“Every football club wants to know, how do they have a more intimate experience with their fan base?” says Jones. “Well, the tech exists, they just they just don’t have access to it. So I think I think the interesting thing with governance is, forget buying the next NFT or playing the next game, if you if you have a governance platform, you’ve got users for life, and people will pass that on and stay within your framework.”

Listen to the full podcast in the video above to hear more about Fanz.com’s planned NFT offerings and the potential Jones sees in Web3 for this game – and many others. To view episode 16 click here.

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