Guaranteed Money Episode 25: Rod Black Talks Betting, Basketball And Tiger Woods

Don’t miss out on today’s episode! In this Guaranteed Money feature interview, Ryan Doyle sits down with Canadian broadcast legend Rod Black.

Just last month, Rod Black joined NorthStar Gaming as host and brand ambassador for NorthStar Bets. Hear his thoughts on this fantastic new partnership, his new role, and where NorthStar Gaming is going to head from here.

Also on this episode, Rod and Ryan talk about the Masters, and the big narrative that is Tiger Woods. He’s dusting off his clubs and might be in the hunt, if not necessarily for the win. What does this mean for the Masters and broadcasting, since this could very well be one of the biggest sports stories of the year?

Rod and Ryan also discuss the Ontario iGaming market, and his thoughts now that Ontario has expanded sports betting to more players. Does Rod see a bright future in the gambling landscape? Yes and no – find out what his reservations are, and what trouble he sees on the horizon that legislation is going to have to take on.

Lastly, the NBA playoffs: what’s Rod’s thoughts on the Toronto Raptors, and who’s their picks to win? Find out when you listen to the full episode of Guaranteed Money. To view episode 24 click here.

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