Guaranteed Money Episode 27: Take Bills QB Home For $300k

In this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle and Millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell are ready to talk golf, NFTs, and sports betting during the NBA playoffs.

The NBA playoffs are ramping up, but sports betting stocks are sinking. New investors looking to add sports betting to their portfolios want to know why. Hear Varrell’s and Doyle’s opinions on what’s causing failure to launch, and what to look for when trying to pick the winning horse – so to speak – in the space. Plus, they talk about some of the mistakes of people getting into the game: are you guilty of any of these as an investor?

How big is Ontario’s new iGaming laws to the province? Find out how much tax revenue online casinos might just be putting into the budget.

Also on this episode: Varrell and Doyle trade thoughts on the renaming of sports teams. Who will reign supreme in the NBA play-in games? And how’s the Masters treating their bets?

Lastly, sports NFTs are expected to generate $2bn in 2022 by themselves. Does Varrell agree this is a target likely to be met? Let us know your thoughts in the comments whether you agree, especially once you hear how much QB Josh Allen’s rookie card sold for. Listen to the full episode of Guaranteed Money right here on The Dales Report.  To view episode 26 click here.

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