Guaranteed Money Episode 26: Will Brady Rule NFTs?

On today’s episode of Guaranteed Money, Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varell are putting their heads together post NFT conference to discuss the hot news this week: the Masters, March Madness, Tom Brady, and the professional fighting league under fire from bettors.

First up: we want to congratulate our March Madness contest winner. Check out our podcast to find out the name of the winner, and if this is your account, DM us on Instagram with proof you’re the owner to collect your prize.

Hear Anthony’s take on the Masters and the hot gossip that is Tiger Woods. Does he have a real chance of being in contention on Sunday after all?

It’s not an April Fool’s joke: the professional fighters league is under investigation following an event flagged for suspicious betting activity on April 1. After the series set to showcase of their new fighters, it came out that the show itself was pre-recorded on March 25, which hadn’t been communicated to the bookmakers. Hear what DraftKings had to say, and Ryan and Anthony’s fights on whether this could be a big problem in the future of sports betting.

Hear Varrell’s thoughts on Tom Brady’s latest NFT deal, and their love hate relationship. Also on this episode: how the F1 deserves every penny they are asking for, and thoughts about MLB’s season opening up. That and more on this episode of Guaranteed Money! To view episode 25 click here.

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