Guaranteed Money Episode 29: Horse Racing Looks For Equal Footing

Today Host Ryan Doyle is joined on this episode of Guaranteed Money by Jim Lawson, the CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, which specializes in horse racing in Ontario.

Woodbine was set to open their thoroughbred racing season with a bang on April 16 at the racetrack in Toronto. Lawson shares how the company navigated challenges posed by COVID, and how it impacted the tight community in horse racing, despite having a perfect safety record in 2020.

The sport of kings has a demographic problem in North America they need to tackle, says Lawson, and it’s something that they need to work harder at. Might sports betting open a new market, now that Ontario’s iGaming laws have come into play? Is there something the government could do to help level the playing field? Hear his thoughts.

Also: for those who’ve never partaken a day at the track, Lawson shares a little bit about the total experience that awaits. After all, there’s 133 days of racing to look forward to.

That and more on this episode of Guaranteed Money! Be sure to listen to the whole interview with Jim Lawson right here, on The Dales Report. We welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments section afterwards. To view episode 28 click here.

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